A 01-view on movement will split movement in somethings and nothings. A run is then not 1 something anymore, but consists of 0‘s and 1‘s. The main tricks are considered important and the stuff in between, which has no name (is not defined as a something) is not important, has no value, a 0. So a run becomes: jump, annoying phase of nothingness, jump, phase of nothingness...
Then movement becomes a patchwork rag of „main events“ and leads to run concepts which only consist of main events. It has an aftertaste of forcedness and artificiality.
In videos the phases of nothingness are sometimes fast forwarded to skip quickly to the important parts, the somethings.
Animals dont seem to have a definition of what is "a movement" and what not, when a movement begins and when it ends. Therefore their movement is totally one and smooth. Humans  have the tendency to see things in 0‘s and 1‘s. The 01 view will make movement anything but 1 (also look at article "oneness - principles of style pt1")
In the beginning of learning a language you learn single words as seperate elements, in pk you learn wallrun, muscle up, kick up as seperate elements. But overtime they melt together and you cannot draw the line where the one begins and the other one ends. You can fasten this process by starting to see your whole movement (e.g. a run) as one piece of something, even the steps between "tricks". That will make it feel and look more round, instead of like pieces glued together.