What is this adaptability? 
Adaptability is the skill to use skills under new circumstances. Adaptability is the outcome of understanding of movement principles which can be applied in different manifestations. In Parkour this intrinsic movement understanding is maybe one of the essential qualities, as all spots are different and outside you rarely have the exact same jump twice. Changing environments force you to understand principles. You cannot copy paste the one thing you did once.

If you understand the principle of addition, you know that 2+2 = 4, but you also know that 5 + 8 = 13 and that 1000 + 2000 = 3000.  On the contrary, if you just memorized 2+ 2 = 4 you cannot deduct anything more from that and you couldn‘t solve any other calculation of the like. 
Due to lack of norms, Pk requires you to acquire an intrinsic knowledge of movement, which can be put in application under new circumstances. Especially those jumps that are potentially dangerous and cannot be tested, can‘t be conquered if your way of training is limited to memorizing, which is just extrinsic knowledge. As soon as you got a movement principle, that movement knowledge is intrinsic. Proof for that is, that you can reproduce anytime, anwhere. In ball sports, the opposing team is the "changing environment". It is of no use for a football player to memorize one exact ideal strike or move. So it is not to train the one exact same jump over and over again. If you cannot make the one jump you want to make, all that is sometimes lacking, is a bit of a deeper understanding, of what this jump is actually about. Do a hundred different (but same) ones and then come back with increased understanding of movement in general. Then you might have the key to unlock.

A certain way to increase your movement understanding in Pk is to go to new spots, even non-spot spots, shitty little corners. Sometimes finding challenges there is already the first challenge. But be sure that if you spend half an hour on the whackest spot on this planet (maybe a salt lake desert? :D ), it is revealing bit by bit cool challenges that you would have never found if you went to specific spots to do specific moves (of course that is ok, too)
This is a plea to reintegrate the shitty corners into your training... suppose you want to be a mover with a general skill of moving wherever and however you want, instead of going to the highly specialized high bar hard trick task force. Accept the surrounding as the „opponent player“ in the pk-game. Choosing the same opponent will make you win against that same one, but none else.