A little lesson of „cause and effect“
If you towel on a rail because you stepped too short on a rail, then it would be useless to plan on not toweling anymore. It would make more sense to plan on hitting rails better.
But, if you only stepped too short, because you had not the necessary skill to do so, but you still tried to prove to yourself that you are progressing, then the problem is something different.
So, depending on where the root of the problem is, the solution to the problem is somewhere else.

Looking the same way onto the growing competition trend in pk, you might also realize that it is just a symptom, just like the towel in the example above. To be "against competitions", just to be against competitions would not be a solution at all. And also not taking part in competitions would not touch the root of the problem. Nor would hating on organizations which are encouraging this trend. But with this little crashcourse in cause and effect, you are equipped with the tool to find the root...maybe. If you want to. If you go deep enough. If you have enough hO2nesty with you. XD