There are some easy pk-maths calculations that easily illustrate this unfortunate retrogression of a free discipline to a traditional sport:

1. No external criteria + dudes = freedom -> individual styles
2. Some external criteria + dudes = less freedom -> less individual styles (collective style)
3. Alot of criteria + dudes -> individuals in uni-form

Noooo! Dont you cry! Because look:

4. Dude + mind - external criteria = free dude
5. free dude + external criteria = system error

Phew! All good.

Here is another pkmaths calculation:

ğŸŽvs 🍌vs 🍓 = 🤯???
ğŸ“ğŸŽvs📏🍌vs📏🍓= 🥇🥈🥉

You cannot compare the banananess of bananas with the appleness of apples and strawberryness of strawberries and put them in a meaningful ranking. But you can measure and compare e.g. shapes or sizes of fruits and then define which counts as better. Movement, that has gone beyond the mere technical, measurable side cannot be part of comparison, because in style there exists equality in difference. Each fruit shines in its very own discipline. If you do set some criteria, all fruits will strive to be like that. Cucumbers will try to grow in the shape that oranges have, and onions will try to look like melons and so forth. What a pity that would be! And what for? If it was plainly about movement love, there would be no desire at all for measuring and comparing peoples stuff.
Soo why all this effort?? You will find the answer in the article of „A thorough look onto competitions“