Individuality means difference. But by no means it means a difference in value. It means only a difference in expression of the same thing - like blue and yellow are a different expression of the same thing. Same thing, same nature, same value. The total opposite of this would be trying to stand out, be different/special in order to be of higher value than others (this probably happens mostly unconsciously). The very modern craze of trying to be „individual“ on purpose should probably rather be classified as an effort to be special, in the sense just mentioned.
If we take a look at it, the heart and soul of competitiveness is the ranking with the axis of better & worse, onto which individuals are placed. These individuals are of course individuals and therefore very different in endless aspects. But the more similar things these individuals do, the easier it is to compare them. This is what competition does: it compares individuals that are very different (individual) to the exact same criteria. It does that in order to find another difference, namely a difference of value (better or worse). In other words: It makes the same what is different, and makes different what is the same. It is therefore a total inversion, an illusion. You will see that this is true, when you look at how you are treated, if you can prove that you are "the best" (maybe by medals, or trophies, certificates, titles, etc). The reward in society that awaits the one that is momentarily on the top of such a ranking contains attention, respect, flashlights, money, acknowledgement as a successful being, honourings, etc. Basically that person is seen as of special value, not the same as as the others, but as better (probably also by the person itself). Here is the difference in value. This is how personal cult works, wether in sports, music, religion, politics or wherever.

Now the pk-scene has something which truly is of high value: there seems to be a degree of understanding of the sameness in value, despite the differences in form, individuality. Yes, the very differences in forms (individual expressions) of the same thing (called parkour) is even very much appreciated in the scene! I bet a title like „parkour world champion“ or „best freerunner“ is not taken too seriously by most who train for quite some time and have come to a reasonable overview of the movement styles in Pk. Many people kind of get it, that it is ridiculous to decide wether phil doyle or phosky or Verky is better. We kind of know that there is no number 1 in the sense of "the best", but in the sense of "uniqueness" every individual is a number 1. I think that is some very valuable thing! Though this value is given away all too easily for the sake of illusionary rankings.
By the way i dont think one or two competition-events have hurt anyone. I also know that competitions can be done for mere fun & play reasons without the intention to put yourself on top of some pyramid. In fact, competition offers a great challenge: You can watch yourself how your well-being reacts to your placement in the ranking - if the number that you get has influence on your inner feelings - no matter if good or bad - then you know now very well, that you as a being have let yourself be placed into a ranking and you believe it. You have fallen for the Fata Morgana. You lost the game. Restart.