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"And the moral of the story grand:
Blahblahblah, supply follows demand!
So leave the wackiness´weighing pan
to turn from stifling air to an airing fan!
With this in mind, you do good claiming:
„I am not a wight, I am a weighting!“ "

- Birdy, Poet.


The textile industry is known not to be the most human and environmentally friendly industry there is. Therefore, it is all the more important to us within this textile industry to maintain the highest possible standard that is possible for us at this stage of the brand.
This means we only source our clothes from producers who are committed to fair trade and only use organic textiles, or in rare cases recycled materials*. In addition, we ship almost 100% plastic-free and generally avoid any unnecessary waste. You can read the very concrete info below!

*At this point we have to clarify: The producers from whom we source our unrefined clothing are certified, but Matttma as such has no certificates! This has its good reasons:
First, the problems arise mainly in the production of the garments themselves, which happens in countries where human and environmental rights are not so strict, and not in their further processing by us, which takes place exclusively in Germany or in rare cases the EU. Therefore, for the moment, it is enough for us if only the producers of the garments from which we purchase are certified.
Furthermore: In order to be able to officially declare our finished products as organically produced and fairly traded, each of our processing steps would have to be checked separately. Of course, this would cost a lot more and make our products much more expensive, which we do not want at this point in time, even though such an in-house certification is of course our goal for the future.

Nevertheless, even if it is only our word, we would like to offer here all concrete information about our products:



- The vast majority of our products are made from 100% organic cotton. Compared to conventional cotton, organic cotton has enormous advantages for the wearers of the clothes (no chemicals), as well as in production (e.g. much lower water consumption). You can find out more about this on the internet.
- In some cases (e.g. our jumpers) we use polyester. If we use any, it is only recycled polyester.

- In most cases we use water-based screen printing inks. However, for some colours we cannot avoid using plastisol ink, which contains plastic.

- We ship almost plastic-free! We pack our clothes in wrapping paper instead of plastic (exception: for long journeys we protect the customs declaration with a transparent foil)
- Our stickers are vegan and environmentally friendly.

People and animals?

- The companies we buy clothes from are all members of the Fair Wear Foundation and thus commit themselves to reach a certain ethical standard with their production conditions (no forced or child labour, fair wages and working hours, possibility of trade union formation, safe and healthy working conditions, legally binding employment relationships, etc.). Our suppliers (so far Earth positive, Stanley Stella and Continental) are all among the highest rated companies in the FWF. You can find detailed information about FWF on their website.

- We only buy clothes that are declared vegan by the manufacturer.

Where from?

- The clothes we buy are either made in India or Bangladesh.

- They are then finished (screen printed or embroidered) by printers in Germany or by us personally.

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