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Through the whole video there runs a plant-theme. Not accidently "NEOPHYTE" comes from the botanical lingo, meaning an intruding plant species. What is meant by that in context of the video will be the subject of speculation for philosophers of the coming centuries:
 "Did Jakob invade the Parkour scene from the circus?  Or did he infiltrate the circus to rip off some skills, just to bring the glory home to Parkour?"*

* you´ll have to watch the video to understand this reference. And even then, I´m not sure wether you will.


Munich has always been a parkour stronghold and has a lively scene with well-known but also unknown characters - who have - temporarily - shed their camera shyness :D A project like this had to be set on its feet. And we did it!!
In addition to the fine spots that Munich has to offer, the video features 19 athletes from the Munich scene who have tackled the scariest fantasies on their "to-do lists" for NEOPHYTE.

As you would typically expect from Munich athletes, the movement displayed is „classical Parkour“ based, yet with a high surprise potential, as every individual has his own spin on it. I think it is safe to say, that a big range of Parkour is covered - reaching from dumb to nerdy, from 22 stairs drops to corner double swing gainers and a lot in between!


The reactions to the video throughout the international community were overwhelmingly great! Thank you!
Also NEOPHYTE received Storrors"best flavour of the year 2023" award! In general, matt
tma strongly recommends a general skepticism towards anything that is as suspiciously self-confident as awards are. But in this case, of course, there are no reservations and we gratefully accept the award and spend the prize money at the Indian restaurant! Thank you Storror!


It started as a "May project" and ended after two and a half months of filming. Levin Pelkofer was the main person responsible for the camera and the edit along with the support of Alex Flatau. Levin was there almost every session, alternately filming or doing a deranged jump. We don't even know how that works. The edit was finished perfectly in time for the screening at the FRBodensee FESTIVAL in August 2023.
You can watch and enjoy the whole thing



"I'm a parkour pro."
"Ok, when did you win MIB?"
"Uh, not yet, but..."
"Yeah ok, noob."

The CHILLCOMP started as a just-fun event but quickly became a highly prestigious title, that must not be missing in the vitae of a credible Pro Parkour athlete.
The hype around the CHILLCOMP is also not least because of the special prizes that you can win, among which were for example a Yormas coffee coupon, a Kapadokya kebab coupon, or an Oldschool Grasshoppers yardstick just to name a few.

Anyone who remembers the pre-competition era of Parkour jams will get nostalgic flash backs at the MUNICH IS BURNING Jam! For already three years in a row, 100- 250 people are pilgering to Munich to spend two days together training, ropeswinging and hanging out in the English Garden. Which is all the more amazing considering that the event is totally and officially unorganized. Luckily the unorganization team receives help by Free Arts of Movements, who provide for a perfect place to sleep, hang out and barbecue on Saturday night.

Many memorable MIB moments are captured in the aftermovies, such as Koshkas "involuntary worlds first", André and Tobis stick duel in the dark, Jonas Webers Nostradamus-like winning prophesy or - maybe the darkest chapter in MIB history sofar - the matttma corruption case, which will be covered in the 2023 aftermovie! 
But till then: here are the aftermovies from 21 & 22:

MIB 2022

MIB 2021

Being still a fish in the stream of our times, we couldn´t quite make an event without any competition at all and so we created the CHILLCOMP -  a competition format which has the Sunday afternoon minigolf sort of vibes! The competition is built up like a classic skill competition, but it is by far more serious! The challenges are a finely nuanced melange ranging from actual Minigolf to traditional Parkour and challenges that fit in no box. The challenge setting team lays great stress on the fact that the difficulty in them lies not in distance, but rather dexterity. If you want to succeed, you need to be a fox and not a horse… except for the challenge „horse legs“. Anyways, we can promise that everyone taking part gets his share of success… and failure!

The next date for MUNICH IS BURNING 4.0 is not announced yet, but it will probably be in July as every year. You can subscribe to our newsletter to get all the latest jam updates and matttma news or check our JAM CALENDAR every now and then.


With a sleazy title! Only people who take themselves too seriously in parkour would choose such a title - and we don't! But we find the ones who do funny. But of course we don't want to be mistaken for them, because we take ourselves too seriously to be mistaken for someone who takes themselves too seriously.

As the title suggests, Lisbon is where the YouTube trilogy takes place. Since the infamous Lisbon fightclub 2012 at the latest, Lisbon has become a parkour mecca, which had fallen into oblivion for a while, but has become an absolute parkour tourist hotspot again in recent years. The architecture is beautifully nonsensical, the spots are incredibly varied and ridiculously photogenic. You almost get the feeling that spots have been built according to color and wall shape themes. Reason enough to meet there 3 years in a row!
But besides the city, other constants run through all parts of L
AH, such as the awkward mass handshake.

Actually who decides what is iconic and what is not? The Jölinger gymnastics and soccer association regulars' table! If you go and ask them who the phrases "So jetzt rein in die Suburban", or "das Adrenalin den restlichen Kick gegeben" mean something to, then you have the answer.

LAH I-III was shot over a period of over 2.5 months, in 3 different years, with about 30 featured people staying in about 20 AirBnBs. The videos were lovingly produced by Mat in about 300 editing hours (rough estimate) and comprise more than 50 minutes of viewing pleasure. Have fun!





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