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"You know how the wind blows!"

trippy stairs Matttma logo

Yes, I'd like to think I know it —

but if I'm secretly honest... I don´t.

How does it blow?

From where and whereto?

And anyway, what is wind?

At that moment, the standardized paving blocks lifted and a dark unknown opened up with a staircase leading down into it.

It was a trippy staircase.

hare bunny


Everything is normal.

Until you look at it closely. Even the most self-confident obviousness becomes fragile here. Off the trodden paths, nothing seems the blink of an eye up can become down, the old-familiar enigmatic, and the formerly sturdy shaky. A truly remarkable feeling - one that underlies every creative moment. Matttma also came from here and is dedicated to this shy visitor. This is reflected in the atmosphere of our artworks, whose illustrative style is inspired by surrealism, Escher, bold colours and, last but not least, Parkour.



Parkour is a subculture that, despite its short history, is bursting with individual diversity and inventiveness! Hardly surprising, given that this form of movement is at its core about new kinds of ways.
It may sound like a cliché, but that doesn't make it any less true that parkour is more than a sport for most practitioners. Similar to other freestyle sports, albeit with its own character, parkour stands in the spirit of total self-responsibility, creativity, individual freedom, self-motivation and, last but not least, skills - because at the end of the day, it's all about putting ideas on the street!

Matttma was born out of this subculture and carries it in its blueprint. Since the first

t-shirt in 2018, Matttma has evolved from a local brand from Munich, to a well-known parkour brand worn in the scene worldwide.<3

staircase matttma
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